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Effortlessly translate critical business content from official notices to hand-written documents at a fraction of the cost & time.

What we do

LexDash combines AI technology with expert human verification to deliver precise and reliable translations across all content formats faster and cheaper than traditional agencies

Law firms

International and Indian Law firms use LexDash Co-pilot for their real estate teams and using our network of legal translators for handling very poor quality revenue record documents or anything that has to be submitted to an authority / court with an ISO certification

Law firms

Corporate legal

LexDash AI quickly understands court notices and complaints, eliminating internal distribution and Google Translate struggles. Get certified translations for official submissions to courts or authorities within a day, straight from LexDash.

Corporate legal

Media & Entertainment

LexDash serves media companies and distributors with subtitles and transcriptions for dubbing. We support low resource Indian languages like Bhojpuri and have higher accuracy in other Indian languages. This combined with trained translators on our co-pilot. We are able to deliver high quality translations at a great price and under a day TAT's

Media & Entertainment

Banking and Insurance

Banks and insurance companies targeting tier 2 and 3 cities digitally face increasing consumer complaints about incomprehensible loan agreements, leading to RBI fines. LexDash offers an all-in-one solution with ISO-certified translations and law firm seals of approval for every Indian language. This ensures 100% legally accurate and binding translations for millions of customers.

Banking and Insurance

Marketing & Corporate Training

Ensure brand consistency and global reach by translating marketing campaigns, website content and video content. LexDash uses a mix of state of the art AI and expert transcribers to deliver your corporate training videos within days.

Marketing & Corporate Training


LexDash provides expert OCR and digitization solutions for the Tamil Nadu Government, specializing in multilingual document processing. Leveraging extensive experience in handling soft-scanned legal documents from Indian corporates, LexDash offers a highly refined OCR AI model for Indian languages. This makes it an optimal choice for document OCR/digitization needs across all Indian state governments.


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LexDash Opens Doors to 75+ Languages for Translation

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